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Do you ever think to yourself “could I benefit from therapy”? You’re not alone. 


Many of my clients know that there were/are experiences in their lives or things that they do that indicate they could benefit from therapy. We all can. But on the other hand, many of my clients (before they meet a therapist) don’t realize how much therapy could help them navigate their life now.  


Maybe you don’t think you need therapy, but you do say to yourself, “sure it was rough growing up or my upbringing wasn’t great, but it wasn’t THAT bad. I have a good life now, a good job, good relationships, and I am happy enough. Besides, it all happened a long time ago, surely it can’t be impacting me now…” Yet, you notice one or more of the following things:

  • You get angrier or more sad than others do in the same situation

  • You find it impossible to say no to things and feel it is YOUR responsibility to help everyone or do everything

  • You have trouble working in a hierarchical environment

  • You find yourself feeling really scared when there is nothing scary happening


These are some of the ways that our childhood experiences can impact us now, as adults. What if I told you that therapy can help? I can help you uncover and more importantly, understand how past experiences could be continuing to impact you and your relationships today. 

Tanya Beattie, Registered Psychotherapist
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What is childhood trauma and how do I know if I may have experienced it?

How do I know if therapy might help me? 

What if I told you it doesn't have to be this way...

Here's how you can get started on a path to understanding yourself, your actions, and how to feel better.

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A Path to Therapy with Tanya

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