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Childhood Trauma Therapy

Trauma-informed therapy from one human being to another.

Did you experience trauma in your childhood?


You are not alone. As a trauma-informed therapist, I see you, I hear you, and I know what it’s like to go through the journey of healing. 


Trauma can show up in all kinds of ways, yet at the same time it can be represented so similarly that it is possible to recognize behaviours that are common amongst those who have experienced trauma. 


The actual traumatic events can be quite different in duration, intensity, frequency and yet still have these common behaviours or ways of thinking about, or seeing ourselves. Some of us know that we have experienced trauma, while others don’t know and so the idea of having been impacted by trauma does not resonate with those individuals. But that doesn’t mean the trauma doesn’t show up in their adult lives.


Have you experienced or do you exhibit any of these behaviours?

  • You get angrier or more sad than others do in the same situation

  • You find it impossible to say no to things 

  • You are a people pleaser or consider yourself a perfectionist

  • You feel it is your responsibility to help everyone or do everything

  • You have always been praised for being “so mature for your age”

  • You find yourself feeling scared or easily startled

  • You never feel angry or the opposite, feel angry all the time

  • You have difficulty maintaining relationships or staying in unhealthy relationships

  • You have difficulty trusting others

  • You feel really strong emotions that after the fact seem like more than was necessary


These behaviours could indicate that you experienced something traumatic in your childhood. What we experience as children becomes a part of who we are as adults. I work with clients to help them understand how these experiences may be showing up in their lives now and contributing to their struggles.

Are you ready to feel better? Feel more at peace, even calm?

Therapy can help you. It helped me and so many others. Here are a few things you may start to notice in yourself over time with therapy and practice:

  • Your physical and emotional reactions may not be as strong, and may even eventually disappear entirely

  • You may notice yourself being nicer to yourself

  • You may notice yourself being more patient with others

I'd love to work with you to get you through these challenges and no longer allow them to affect your life. I'm here when you are ready.

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